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InstaPrompter Secret Live Messaging for Business and Politics - Sender App app for iPhone and iPad

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Business Productivity
Developer: Hottrix
Current version: 1.7.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Nov 2014
App size: 2.39 Mb

Win every discussion with this revolutionary phone-to-phone live teleprompter. This innocent looking "note app" secretly sends words and pics from one device to another in REAL-TIME. Receive mind-blowing facts from your friend across the room and feign to know them by heart. He just types into this pretend-note-app and it appears in real-time on your iPhone in large scrolling letters so it never even seems like your’e looking at your phone.

Loved by suits (who now look extra smart), hated by journalists (whose trick-questions no longer work). Visit to see it in action.

InstaPrompter empowers executives, politicians, negotiators, and public speakers to receive unscripted live information (corrections, stats, audience mood) during meetings and interviews without anyone noticing. InstaPrompter is a mix between Instant Messenger and TelePrompter, yet faster than both.

InstaPrompter consists of 2 apps. A sender and a receiver. Type into the sender (looks like a note app for discretion) and the words instantly appear in big letters on the receiver (looks like a Teleprompter or Autocue used in news broadcasts). The 2 apps are connected by your private channel which works over a distance of 10,000 Miles. Only people who know your channel can send or receive messages. You find your channel’s name and password in the receiver apps settings.

The Sender is free to facilitate collaboration with junior staff and volunteers. The receiver is not free because it manages the secure channel and is deployed by senior staff, the press secretary, director of communications, or public relations manager.

Sender App (this app):
- Imitation Note-App that live-sends as you type or speak
- Use any iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet
- Use vertical or horizontal for optimal keyboard size
- Send images, graphics, and words
- Paste large passages of text in all languages
- No “send” button because everything transmits live
- Send blink-command and gong sound to receiver
- Up to 10,000 Mile distance to receiver app
- Requires NO WiFi or Bluetooth, just Internet access
- Join secure private channel and share its login details
- Control InstaPrompter receiver, a separate app
- Collaborate with multiple devices (senders AND receivers)

Receiver App (available separately):
- Teleprompter display maximized for remote legibility
- Use any iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet
- Use vertical or horizontal to adjust size and speed
- Project to large screens via AirPlay or similar
- Various background- and font color combos
- Font-mirroring for use with TV-Teleprompters
- Displays images, graphics, and words
- Retains content until receiving more, then scrolls up
- Prompts large passages of text in all languages
- Can blink and sound a gong to draw attention
- Up to 10,000 Mile distance from sender app
- Requires NO WiFi or Bluetooth, just Internet access
- Create, join and share secure private channel & password
- Controllable via InstaPrompter Sender, a separate app
- Can receive commands from multiple devices

Added benefits:
InstaPrompter’s flexibility allows it to be used in originally unintended ways such as impromptu dynamic signage for events and trade shows in which live photos and text should appear on large displays at minimal effort and controlled by multiple users on location and internationally.

HEARING IMPAIRED? Deaf? Cochlear Implants? Bring Real-Time Captioning into 2015 and the Pub. Type or speak for fluid face-to-face interactions with the hearing and not so hearing folks around you.

InstaPrompter is astonishingly easy to use and packed with on-board help. Visit our website for demo- and training videos and talk to us directly:
Let us know how you use InstaPrompter in surprising secret or public ways for law, fundraising, art, education, fashion, and entertainment so we can add new features you will love.

Educational discounts for media-, arts-, and special needs training available.